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Luxury Bags Brands – Bag is a wardrobe essential that helps you to carry your stuff to places and is an accessory that completes your outfit.

Luxury bags are an art of fine craftsmanship and design that speaks to perfection and class. There are many luxury and expensive bags out there but some of them are iconic and only one of a kind. Some are made up of rarest leather and materials and some have diamonds and pearls incorporated.

Today we’re going to discuss the most expensive luxury bags brands & Luxury Purses Brands in the world that are worth millions of dollars.

Top 15 Most Expensive Luxury Bags Brands in the World

  1. Chanel Diamond Forever

Luxury fashion house Chanel introduced their bag Chanel Diamond Forever in 2008. The name Diamond Forever indicates the limited edition handbag collection.

The bag is renowned for its elegant design and craftsmanship. The handbag designer Karl Lagerfeld designed this bag in fine alligator leather and adorned it with a stunning array of diamonds set in 18-carat white gold hardware, making it a symbol of status and exclusivity.

The price tag of the Chanel Diamond Forever bag has a big number written on it which is $261,000.

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  1. Hermès So Black Feather Kelly

The Hermès So Black Feather Kelly is an exclusive bag created by the luxury fashion house of Hermès. The former creative director of this fashion house, Jean Paul Gaultier, designed the bag and added an extra layer of jet-black feathers to its exterior.

The “So Black” in the title refers to the bag’s exterior and interior that is entirely black, creating a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

The Hermès So Black Feather Kelly is a highly coveted and rare handbag that is hard to obtain and holds a very high price in the resale market.

This exclusive bag has a premium price of $300,000.

  1. The Diamond Birkin

The Hermès luxury fashion house produces extremely limited pieces of Diamond Birkin bags. Birkin bags are considered rare because of the exotic skin used to craft them and adding a little bling of diamonds made them exceptionally exclusive to the world.

Birkin bags are made up of porous crocodile skin and include 18-karat white gold and diamond hardware. Fashion icons invest in Birkin bags as they are often appreciated significantly in value over time.

The cost to own a Diamond Birkin bag is $288,200.

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Top 15 luxury Bags Brands

  1. Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch

The renowned luxury handbag Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch was introduced in 2001. The clutch is designed by Lana Marks, an American designer well known for her exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. This luxury clutch is favored by celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts for its timeless elegance and statement-making appeal.

Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch features a unique closure embellished with colored diamonds and made up of exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile, and ostrich. Each Cleopatra Clutch is handcrafted and is the epitome of luxury in the world of designer handbags.

The most extraordinary luxury clutch has a price tag of $400,000.

  1. Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

The glamorous heart-shaped purse was designed by Mouawad, a renowned Swiss and Emirati luxury goods company famous for its high-end jewelry and accessories. This purse is nowhere less than a piece of jewelry as it is fancy and full of bling.

The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse has a dazzling array of over 4,500 diamonds and other precious gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds embellished on it. The purse is crafted from 18-karat gold and features precision and craftsmanship throughout its design.
Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is a true symbol of luxury and extravagance and it costs $3.8 million.

top 15 luxury bags brands
  1. Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Easter Egg Purse

The most expensive bag in the world is egg-shaped. Yes, the British designer Debbie Wingham designed the bag Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Easter Egg Purse in 2019. This extraordinary blue-colored traditional easter egg-shaped handbag is decorated with meticulous stones.

The purse is made up of upcycled materials, and as its designer is known for her extravagant and one-of-a-kind designs, Wingham often uses unique raw materials and themes in her fashion pieces. By repurposing materials, Wingham shows her environmental consciousness in her luxury creations.

The price of Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Easter Egg Purse is $6.7 million

  1. Hermès Sac Bijou Birkin

Hermès Sac Bijou Birkin is an all-time iconic handbag made with solid hard metal. Hermès collaborated with the Japanese jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka who is well-known for his craftsmanship and extraordinary designs in the world of precious luxury jewelry and accessories.

The bag features rare and precious metals and materials like platinum. Hermès Sac Bijou Birkin purse has a body of platinum and more than 2,000 diamonds, including an eight-karat, pear-shaped diamond attached to it.

The price of the Hermès Sac Bijou Birkin bag is $1.9 million.

  1. Louis Vuitton Millionaire Speedy

The Louis Vuitton Millionaire Speedy is one of the most versatile and expensive luxury bags brands in the world of luxury fashion handbags. The brand’s men’s creative director, Pharrell Williams, debuted the bag at Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June.

This bag is known as one of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic handbag styles, distinguished by its classic silhouette and signature monogram canvas.

The bag features bright yellow crocodile skin and is emblazoned with the brand’s monogram pattern all over it. The bag also has a metal chain in an interlocked pattern that is covered with diamonds.

The price of the most versatile luxury bags brands Louis Vuitton Millionaire Speedy is $1 million.

  1. Hermès Faubourg Birkin

Birkin bags by Hermès are highly coveted among collectors and celebrities
because of their classy and sophisticated appeal.

The Hermès Faubourg Birkin is a special edition and a variation of the Hermès Birkin handbags. The Faubourg Birkin resembles a Hermès storefront and was first released in 2019.

The Hermès offers four different shades of the bag; the color “snow” is the most valuable. The size, design, material, and availability used vary from collection to collection but the craftsmanship of this iconic bag is appreciated by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The price of Hermès Faubourg Birkin can vary from $300,000 to 400,000 depending on the collection.

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Luxury Bags For Women
  1. Leiber Precious Rose

The title itself tells about the purse, Leiber Precious Rose is an artistic luxurious bag that has the shape and color same as a rose. Judith Leiber created this iconic piece of art as she is famous for her exquisite crystal-encrusted minaudières and whimsical designs.

The Leiber Precious Rose handbag is a unique bag with a metal body and chain decorated with 1,106 diamonds, 1,169 sapphires, and 800 tourmalines.

One of the most artistic luxurious bags Leiber Precious Rose is priced at $92,000.

  1. Tom Ford Tara Small T Clasp Alligator Shoulder Bag

The Tara Small T Clasp Alligator Shoulder Bag is designed by the renowned fashion designer Tom Ford. The bag is designed particularly to be used as a shoulder bag and is versatile to carry daily and on special occasions. The “T” in the name refers to the hardware closure of the bag.

The bag has two silver metal straps and a body of genuine alligator leather to add premium quality and exotic appeal to the luxury bags brands. The smaller size makes it suitable to carry essentials in the most classy way.

The price of the Tara Small T Clasp Alligator shoulder bag is $15,500.

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Luxury Bags Brands
  1. Chanel Pearl Lego Brick Clutch

The renowned luxury fashion house Chanel has introduced this iconic bag known as the Pearl Lego Brick Clutch. This design of the clutch has a perfect blend of classic and modern times.

The shape and name of the pearl Lego brick clutch have come from the popular toy known for its colorful and interlocking construction blocks. The use of pearl gives it a vintage look and the brand logo “CC” adds charm to the clutch.

The price of the Chanel Pearl Lego Brick Clutch is $12,000.

  1. Gadino Bag By Hilde Palladino

Gadino Bag is made with the keen eye of its designer and you have to look at it closely to see what differentiates it from other luxury bags. The luxury fashion designer Hilde Palladino has designed this bag by paying attention to the details that make it a masterpiece in the world of luxury handbags.

The bag design has a mesmerizing color palate and an array of diamonds placed in its clasp. The incorporation of white diamonds and white gold makes this luxury bags brands exclusive and a favorite of collectors and fashion icons across the globe.

The price of the popular Gadino Bag By Hilde Palladino is somewhere around $38,500.

  1. Stalvey Top-Handle 2.5 Small Alligator Satchel

The American luxury bags brands and accessories fashion house Stalvey has introduced the bag Stalvey Top-Handle 2.5 Small Alligator Satchel. This luxury bags brands is well known for its craftsmanship and premium quality luxury pieces and this bag is one of its most expensive and popular products.

The “top-handle 2.5” tells that the bag has a solid top handle of width 2.5 inches to carry it. The “small” in the title indicates that the bag is compact-sized that is suitable for carrying essentials to places.

The price of a Stalvey Top-Handle 2.5 Small Alligator Satchel is $13000.

  1. Moreau Paris Diligence Crocodile Satchel

Moreau Paris the esteemed Paris-based luxury fashion brands known for creating exquisite leather goods since 1882 created the Diligence Crocodile Satchel. This stylish bag has a large slip pocket and two small side pockets that make it an all-purpose bag for the user.

The Moreau Paris Diligence Crocodile Satchel has original crocodile skin leather all over it. Handles are also made up of the same skin and color which makes it look vintage and classy.

The price of the Diligence Crocodile Satchel by Moreau Parish is $44,000.

These iconic luxury bags brands are the true epitome of class and status as they are not just a bag but a kind of rare jewel or accessory that has precious gems and metals engraved. Not all luxury collectors or fashion icons can afford these bags and that is what distinguishes them from other handbags of the luxury segment.

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